What do you suppose you'd see if you could magically peer inside one of Duquesne Light Company's utility lines?

Just not the power you expected.

Because you’d see far more than electricity that lights rooms or charges smart phones.

You'd see the power of innovation working to potentially make household battery power storage a thing of the near future.

And sudden storm outages a thing of the past.

You'd see the power of dedication fending off threats to the grid with switches that re-route electricity where it's needed most in thousandths of a second.

And power line crews that work all night in any conditions.

You'd see the power of cooperation ranging from newly minted PhD's...

to 30-year veterans of the school of hard knocks all toiling together to fulfill one critical mission:

Providing the power to keep your life on. 
Not just your lights.

Which is why Duquesne Light Company is now

Because we truly are Larger than Light.

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