Yes, marketing is changing by the hour. Perhaps even by the minute. One thing that will never change?

It’s still a business predicated on understanding people.

Without the right insight to translate what you want to say into something someone wants to hear…well, all the disparate channel content in the world can’t help that. But with it, your efforts are strong, unified, cost effective and highly efficient. And that means good things pile up fast.


This is a pretty diverse group of clients.
But take a closer look.

They all have something in common: a belief in strong insights and the willingness to execute them in powerful ways. Oh, and they’ve also reaped great results for their efforts. So, I guess they have a couple of things in common.


One Show Award
Communicatons Arts Award
Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Award
Obie Award
Clio Healthcare Awards
MPA Kelly Award
London International Advertising Award


Clients like clarity.

Creatives like clarity, too.

So, I’ve found it very beneficial to guide the work through insight stories. Simply put, they’re narratives that capture the essence of campaign ideas – without consuming the time and money of creating executions just yet. Sharing insight stories with clients between the briefing and presentation confirms everyone’s on the same page, leaves room for partnership and ensures the final work contains no surprises. (Of the unpleasant kind, that is.)

Here are examples of insight stories that lead to some pretty successful campaigns.


Calaveras is Dave Kwasnick – a nationally-experienced, award-winning creative director, writer and brand strategist - partnering with other like-minded marketing specialists to create meaningful results through smarter insights and a more efficient work process.

What’s up with the skull?

Traditionally, calaveras (sugar skulls) are celebrations of lives well lived.

And every marketing effort has a lifespan, right? (Probably pretty short.) I make sure its fleeting time on earth is worth it, so that the legacy it leaves behind is one of success.